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SHIWA Simulation Platform

The ER-flow project uses and integrates technologies from various projects and scientific collaborations. These technologies are brought together by the SHIWA Simulation Platform (a service package designed for workflow-oriented scientific collaborations), maintained by an open collaboration.

The platform supports various Distributed Computing Infrastructures (DCIs) such as: clouds (Amazon and Openstack) as well as service grids (gLite, Globus and UNICORE) . The interoperability solution includes various workflow systems such as: Askalon, Galaxy, Kepler, Moteur, Pegasus, PGRADE, ProActive, Taverna, Triana and WS-PGRADE. By using the SHIWA platform the research communities have freedom to choose from a large variety of workflow management systems, infrastructures or middleware to implement their Virtual Research Environments.

ER-flow software services

The SHIWA Simulation Platform includes:
  • SHIWA Repository: a database of workflows and related meta-data, used to search and share workflows within and among scientific communities.
  • SHIWA Portal: a web portal integrated with the SHIWA Repository and with various workflow engines that orchestrate workflows from the Repository on different e-infrastructures. 
  • SHIWA Submission Service: support of many distributed computing infrastructures and many workflow engines
  • Workflow engines: the ASKALON, Galaxy, GWES, Kepler, LONI Pipeline, MOTEUR, P-GRADE, PEGASUS, ProActive, Taverna, Triana and WS-PGRADE workflow engines are already integrated with the SHIWA Simulation Platform. Other engines can be added when required. 

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Follow our Getting Started instructions to try out the SHIWA Simulation Platform.


   This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 312579.