ER-flow project objectives ER-flow project objectives

Objective No. 1: To build a European community of workflow developers and users involving a wide range of research communities which already use workflow systems and which are new to this technology.

Objective No. 2: To migrate workflow based scientific applications of the supported research communities to the European Grid Infrastructure through the SHIWA Simulation Platform and to use these applications both for production runs and to promote e-Science workflow solutions for research communities.

Objective No. 3: To disseminate the workflow interoperability solution of the SHIWA project among the selected research communities and identify further research communities that need the simulation platform to run their experiments.

Objective No. 4: To define requirements of the supported research communities on interoperability of the scientific data in the workflow domain and to identify existing and missing protocols and standards needed to support this interoperability.

Objective No. 5: To write a study on the interoperability of the scientific data in the workflow domain, make recommendations on how to achieve data and workflow interoperability with existing protocols and standard, and identify research, development and standardisation issues required to be solved in order to achieve workflow interoperability in data-intensive research.


   This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 312579.