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New simulation platform release

We are releasing a new simulation platform which extends the production SHIWA Simulation Platform in a significant manner with new and upgraded services. To distinguish the current platform and the new one we call the old one as “production” and the new one as "prototype". To facilitate the transitional process both the current production platform and the new prototype platform will remain running in parallel for one month. The prototype platform's services are available at:

We deployed the prototype simulation platform to offer a new service, known as the prototype SHIWA Submission Service, and two updated services: the prototype SHIWA Portal and the prototype SHIWA Repository. These services will enable workflow developers and domain researchers to have greater control over the deployment of the applications and workflows they wish to use and their execution.

The new submission service is based on web services. It replaces the GT4 based GEMLCA Service. Having this submission service users can execute non-native workflows in a more reliable and secure way than with the GEMLCA Service. The prototype submission service allows execution of Kepler, MOTEUR and Taverna1/Taverna2 workflows. Further workflow systems support will be added later.

We support usage of the submission service in three phases. In phase 1 the submission service will be available only through the prototype SHIWA Portal. In phase 2 users can access it remotely from their community portal. In phase 3 it will be also possible to download and deploy the submission service locally and connect it to a community portal.

The prototype SHIWA Repository enables us to store all the information regarding workflow engines, their binaries/executables, attributes, parameters, and configurations. This includes information about different middleware and execution sites.

The database from the production SHIWA Repository has been ported to the prototype SHIWA Repository as of Friday 7th March at 9am. If you have completed any work on this repository since then, please contact an administrator to help you moving your work over to the new repository.

We also cleaned up the contents of the prototype SHIWA Repository. We kept all but a few workflows uploaded to the public domain. We archived and removed most of the tests, demo and training workflows. Please check the prototype SHIWA Repository. If you cannot find a workflow you need please contact Noam Weingarten.

The prototype SHIWA Portal was also upgraded to enable specifying the new submission service instead of the GEMLCA Service when creating workflow instances. In order to access the prototype SHIWA Portal we re-created the user accounts. Users registered with the production portal and repository registered will be receiving an email shortly with credential details for accessing the prototype new services.

We also upgraded the simulation platform's manuals adding the all the changes and upgrades. The upgraded manuals are available at:

To facilitate the transitional process both portals and repositories will remain running in parallel for one month. However we have to stress that any changes made on the production SHIWA Repository will not be maintained. So we urge you to use the prototype SHIWA Repository immediately.

If you have any question relating to the portal please contact:

  • SHIWA Submission Service
    • Benoit Meilhac at
  • SHIWA Repository
    • Edward Michniak at
  • SHIWA Portal
    • Noam Weingarten at


   This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 312579.