How to find a workflow to execute?

If you have everything ready to start using the SHIWA Portal you can start browsing on the SHIWA Repository for workflows you would like to use.

  • Go to
  • Choose Workflows -> Browse View and click on button "All domains" and choose for example "Astrophysics" and click button "Refresh". Click to browse the details of the selected workflow

How to import a workflow to the SHIWA portal?

  • Click on button "Remote SHIWA Repository" 

  • On the pop-up message click "Get Public Bundles" 

  • Choose a demo "Workflow_TryIt" from the list and click on the workflow entry and press the button "Import Selected" and in the confirmation pop-up window click yes.

  • If you go to Workflow -> Concrete you can find your workflow in the list

How to execute your imported workflow?

  • In order to run a demo "Workflow_TryIt" you have to be completed two steps:
  1. Get a grid certificate as described on the Getting Started page.
  2. Subscribe to the VO (Virtual Organization) here.

Now you are ready to set up your credentials at SHIWA Portal.

  • Go to menu item Security -> Certificate and press button "Upload"

  • Choose option "PEM key & certificate"

  • Fill in the fields for the successful certificate upload to the MyProxy server and click button "Upload"

    • Host name:
    • Login: <your chosen name>
    • Lifetime (hours): 100
    • Password: <your chosen password>

  • On successful upload you will see the message as shown below:

  • Now you have to associate your credentials to the VO in order to get access to the computing and storage resources.
  • Go to menu item Security -> Certificate and click on button "Download"
  • Fill in the details you used for uploading the credentials:

    • Host name:
    • Login: <your chosen name>
    • Lifetime (hours): 100
    • Password: <your chosen password>
  • Click the "Download" button

  • Go to menu item Workflow -> Concrete
  • Click button "Info" to validate the configuration of the demo "Workflow_TryIt"
  • Click button "Submit" to execute the demo workflow
  • Click button "Refresh" to monitor the status of execution
  • Click button "Details" to view the results


   This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 312579.